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The frenzied hammer killings of Mrs Russell and Megan is one of Britain's most notorious murder cases.

It also left Mrs Russell's other daughter, Josie, then nine, with serious head injuries.

They claim the 'confession' to a fellow inmate – understood to be notorious sex offender Richard Baker – contains details known only to the person who really carried out the killings.

Baker claimed Bellfield told him it was 'deeply hilarious that numpty Stone is serving life for what I did', The Sun reported.

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Stone is serving three life sentences for the attack, near Chillenden in Kent in July 1996, but on Wednesday lawyers representing the 57-year-old, who has always maintained his innocence, claimed Bellfield allegedly confessed to another inmate.

In a statement, Miss Cooper said: 'Mr Bellfield denies the murders of the Russell family and denies ever making such a confession.'Mr Stone has offered payment to our client, which he anticipates receiving as compensation for time served in custody.'Our client has three notes from Mr Stone in this regard which has been given to the prison service, together with a number of complaints regarding Mr Stone about his persistent attempts to get our client to accept responsibility for his (Mr Stone's) crimes.'Mr Bellfield instructs that he has invited Mr Stone to undertake a polygraph test, which has been declined.'For the record, Mr Bellfield is willing to undertake such a test in respect of the murders for which he is serving a life sentence and the murders of the Russell family.' It comes as lawyers acting for Stone said Bellfield made a 'very detailed confession' to fellow prisoner Richard Baker to the 1996 murders, it was claimed yesterday.

Stone, now 57, is serving three life sentences with a minimum of 25 years in prison for the killings in Chillenden, Kent, which shocked the nation.

Stone was first convicted of the two murders in 1998 and, after a retrial was ordered by the Court of Appeal, found guilty again in 2001, largely on the strength of a disputed cell confession.

But the heroin addict and convicted armed robber has always maintained his innocence.

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