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The stainless steel bracelet on your left wrist was inscribed with CRYONIC ALERT.The card in your wallet outlined medical protocols which, in turn, triggered your immediate transfer to the Al-Cryo Life Extension Foundation.” “Your naked body was submerged in an ice bath. For nearly two months my technician was the only other thing I was aware of.

Now, orphans receive stipends upon release that, if spent wisely, can carry us for six or seven months. A carrot cupcake is basically the same thing as a muffin, so I handed her one unfrosted. As I was frosting these cupcakes for the photo shoot, Quinn pulled over a chair, got up to counter level, and said wanted one.My cryonic technician described what had happened: “A myocardial infarction began midway through Act 1 of Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge at the Phoenix Playhouse.Although cardiopulmonary support kept your heart pumping for the 30 minute ambulance drive, you were pronounced dead upon arrival.

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