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So in future when ever you see a woman who either, needs help or rescue from a situation, go for it.Rescuing a woman is one of the surest ways to win their heart.But by avoiding the stare, her intentions have now been disabled and she is perhaps more desperate to find another way to attract your attention.

The man is always the first to expect to make the move.

One very important tip is to never stare at a woman's breast no matter what, even if there is a strong urge to.

Yes, it's true that she is likely to have worn a low cleavage dress to attract men to look at her breasts.

If you wait long enough, you will see the woman's real motives by taking note if she takes flirting one step further by getting physical.

Women know that when they slightly touch a man, they have given you the signal to move forward, because men love the physical whereas the women enjoy both the emotional and the physical.

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