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If is one of those sites, there could be a leg to stand on.I always thought that was pretty stupid to say, since I don't know how they could do much screening.Sorry we're not all as fantastic as a bar, under the influence of alcohol.I've dated men I met through personal ads and online plenty of times, but I'm very careful.

I have to date them a while (a lot longer than 8 days! They say that they are now doing background checks on some of these pay sights, but I just don't see how that's possible. Phone numbers, email addresses, accounts at the dating site that you have to pay for with a credit card linked to a physical address and a verified name.

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Las Vegas -- An online dating service says a Las Vegas woman has no legal basis for her lawsuit seeking million after she was matched with a man who hid in her garage and brutally attacked her. She said shed known Wade Ridley only eight days when she broke up with him in September 2010. I see no case here that will cause to have to pay her anything.

Not seeing how running into a demented psychopath via online dating differs from running into one you met at a bar or at work or through a "friend." Tragic occurrence. I found it hilarious, when There's Something About Mary came out and that lady did the same thing with her dog it fuckin near killed me. (I do expect the universe to keep a full tab in the Karma bank though, because I'm owed millions for that shit )Still a little paranoid sometimes, but nowhere near as bad as I was. Forgot: She told someone where she lived after 8 days.

Some kid shot at me through my apt window, hitting me once. Nothing, or no one, could have seen it, or stopped it, except for the kid himself. I don't tell anyone new where I work or where I live for at least a month.

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The place where losers who can't find a date anywhere else are sure to lurk. This isn't the 18th century anymore) Of course, I'm pretty sure you think singles groups are pathetic also.

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