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In WPF, dependency properties of elements can be bound to CLR objects (including ADO.

NET objects or objects associated with Web Services and Web properties) and XML data.

For an example of data binding, take a look at the following application UI from the Data Binding Demo: The above is the UI of an application that displays a list of auction items.

The dots of the right arrows in the following figure illustrate the role of the Update Source Trigger property: If the Update Source Trigger value is Property Changed, then the value pointed to by the right arrow of Two Way or the One Way To Source bindings gets updated as soon as the target property changes.

Content Controls such as Button and Items Controls such as List Box and List View have built-in functionality to enable flexible styling of single data items or collections of data items.

Sort, filter, and group views can be generated on top of the data.

The data binding functionality in WPF has several advantages over traditional models, including a broad range of properties that inherently support data binding, flexible UI representation of data, and clean separation of business logic from UI.

This topic first discusses concepts fundamental to WPF data binding and then goes into the usage of the Binding class and other features of data binding.

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The following figure illustrates the different types of data flow: Note that to detect source changes (applicable to One Way and Two Way bindings), the source must implement a suitable property change notification mechanism such as INotify Property Changed.

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