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I fell to thinking about prints in general: are they ever really erased?

Or do they simply await new techniques, new ways of seeing, for their recovery?

The possession of patterns and the intelligence to perceive and elaborate them is thus a highly ambiguous thing, Griaule found.

It seems that the speaking and the speechless are intimately intertwined in a manner directly analogous to the relationship between the civilized and the wild.

They are, in a sense, archaeologists of the present.

I had just been reading about how researchers in Iceland are using remote sensing tools that measure electrical resistance in the earth in order to locate where the turf walls of houses had been 1000 years ago.

Correlated with layers of ash from known volcanic eruptions, and mapped with GPS data, archaeologists are able to uncover the patterns of human dwelling through time and space.

Up close, details of the bark delight the eye in the same way as do the winter resident songbirds.

The lightning stripes on whistlewood and the melancholy, five-note whistle of the white-throated sparrow alike lead the mind onto untrodden paths – which is more than metaphor, of course. Given sufficient depth of snow, most logs and other impediments to off-trail wandering are buried and forgotten, and the clumsy snowshoe becomes an instrument of relatively free and easy exploration.

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