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The incident is believed to have happened on October 10, but another news agency, South Korea's Yonhap, said it was still unclear when the disaster took place.It comes a day after Seoul warned that one more North Korean nuclear detonation could destroy its mountain test site and trigger a radiation leak.Experts say the quakes suggest the area is now too unstable to conduct more tests there.

Born to Jewish Parents he began dancing at the age of 11 in his hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona, and appeared in various dance shows including Newsies, and Kids Incorporated.Five of Pyongyang's recent tests have been carried out under Mount Mantap at the Punggye-ri military base, which is located in the north west of North Korea.But now the base is said to be suffering from 'Tired Mountain Syndrome' after three small earthquakes occurred nearby after the blasts.But there has been no official confirmation of the claims, apparently made by an unnamed North Korean 'source'.According to Japan's TV Asahi, up to 100 people had been trapped in the tunnels and a further collapse happened during attempts to rescue them, raising the death toll to at least 200.

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