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I can't say it enough times but I hope they BURN IN HELL! Mine was a special ops in the military with a daughter taken care by his mother and his wife died of cancer. After posting his picture, others chimed in and one guy said he was told he was gay.

As for the heart, that was painful but not as painful as the 00 LOL Like it was said, I have never heard of romantic scams and these lowlife people sure picked a winner!

Established in 2002, Oliver James Associates is a global specialist recruitment partner to the Financial Services, Professional Services, Commerce & Industry sectors.

We have grown organically and consistently over the past 15 years to become a renowned search & selection organisation, with a current headcount of over 290 employees operating out of 10 offices in London, Manchester, Dublin, Amsterdam, Milan, Frankfurt, Zurich, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore.

They speak beautiful words but are instead CROOKED SCAMMING LOW-LIFE individuals. Right now there is an ADMIRAL who is telling me the same story with a daughter named Madeline. They ask for the same thing: Honesty, Trust, Love and Understanding. After reading your post I send him a goodbye message.

His name is Mark Williams from Fremont California who has been a widower for years so BEWARE! I am a better person thanks to you and your experience. These lowlife trashy people need to be put behind bars!

I'm missing something For the few of you who have commented regarding my very unfortunate experience with a so-called Dr. We will all find love again..will be more careful that we don't come into contact with trashy lowlife individuals like the so-called Dr.

Again, for the few of you who have commented, thank you and I pray that your healing was quick.

All you are doing is funding their drug habits or criminal activities, so if you are contacted again please remember this and as soon as money is mentioned block them!

I never heard of this kind of scam or scams period. DUMB as a doorknob but as an educator I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

I just told myself, thank God he's not operating on me; he would probably mistake a leg for an arm.

Sharing your experience can save another innocent individual.

BE AWARE out there as you could be their next VICTIM!!!

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Musician and actor best known for his roles What a Girl Wants, Roadkill, and Without a Paddle: Nature's Calling.

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