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This is proof that the Founders never intended there to be a separation of church and state!" Of course we aren't being told that the Founding Fathers were atheists, but rather that they favored separation of church and state., Kirk Cameron recounts the uncanny experience of meeting his wife and then marrying her after the sitcom's sixth season. "Four years later, I married her."Five years after they married, Cameron and his wife adopted their first of four children, and later had two biological children in the early 2000s.Although Cameron and his wife, Chelsea Noble, fell in love while their characters were dating on Growing Pains, the two first met on the set of , on which Cameron's younger sister, Candace ("D. With his children pursuing a variety of interests, Cameron says he enjoys the diversity.Barton said there is a “deliberate attempt” to hide the faith of the Founding Fathers by using “revisionism,” and Titus warned that “a nation that attempts to build a foundation not based on God’s law will ultimately self-destruct.” In one attempt to show that there is some conspiracy in America to hide its religious roots, Barton shows Cameron an old "Congress Bible" in his collection that was ordered to be printed and distributed to schools.

So I would say the best thing to do with our kids, in regards to helping them with their faith, is to be the kind of people that you would like your children to become," he told CP."We have resources to prepare our children as they learn their purpose and identity, and responsibly use technology to understand family, friends, God and the world around them." "The Growing Pains" star also recently announced that he and his wife, Chelsea, are taking their living room conversations on the road for a tour that will help marriages and families reset and focus on the things that "really matter." In a promotional video for the tour, Cameron, who has been married to his wife for 27 years, reflected on how the most important family discussions always happen in the living room.The couple will venture out on the road for a 30-date tour called "Living Room Reset," beginning Jan. They will allow each city to custom tailor the discussions each night.But be that as it may, Chris Rodda debunked Barton’s story about “Congress’s Bible” many many times noting that Congress simply passed a resolution on the accuracy of the edition of the Bible of printer Robert Aiken and did not purchase or print copies of the Bible, pay for the printing or print the Bible for use in schools.“The words ‘a neat edition of the Holy Scriptures for the use of schools’ are taken from a letter written by Aitken, not the resolution of Congress,” Rodda writes, “The only help Aitken ever got from Congress was the resolution endorsing the accuracy of his work.” She also notes that the Aitken Bible was first called “The Bible of the Revolution” not during the American Revolution but in 1930 by people who were trying to sell copies of it, and Aitken himself “ended up losing over £3,000 on the 10,000 Bibles he printed.” This is one of Barton’s many false tales about American history.

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