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“I can’t guarantee that we’re gonna be together forever.” They’re exactly the wrong words. The office and the staffers seem friendly enough, but clearly it’ll be a challenge on many levels. He heads out to the bar with Stu to drown his sorrows; Zelda hasn’t called him since she left for New York.

Zelda processes and then turns a huge emotional page. Zelda breaks the news to Stephie, who’s remarkably understanding. Andrew excuses himself and screws up his courage to call her, but the call goes to voice mail.

He gathers up Dinesh and some other buds from work and they race over to Jay’s apartment to deliver a menacing message in no uncertain terms: stay away from Zelda, or prepare to get your ass kicked.

But Jay answers the door in a Marine dress uniform, immediately setting each member of Andrew’s posse crumbling.

She goes over to Andrew’s apartment to apologize to Madeline for imagining she had intentions on Andrew.

In an equanimous gesture, Zelda pulls Jay aside to explain that she understands that sometimes old lovers have feelings they’re looking to rekindle. Already upset that Zelda’s jealousy caused him to ruin his friendship with an ex, now he’s downright livid.

But before she can tell Jay she’s devoted to Andrew, Jay makes his move: a full French kiss. Andrew retells the story of Jay kissing Zelda to Stu, who immediately sounds the war drums.

Zelda calls Andrew and asks him point blank whether the “meant to be” line is just part of his modus operandi.

Andrew explains that when he told that to Madeline, he actually believed it at the time. Zelda remains dubious and pushes the point with Andrew, who grows exasperated.

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