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It was in Russia that the influence of Byzantine art was most enduring; Russia never had a Romanesque or a Gothic phase, nor any comprehensive renaissance as there was in most European countries.

Byzantine art remained almost unchanged in Russia, in spite of wars, racial migrations, and almost two centuries of Mongol rule, until, under the Muscovite Czars, in the fifteenth century, it acquired a more national character.

One of the most famous surviving examples of this early form of icon art, is The Virgin of Vladimir (c.1100), now in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

(For more about Icons, see below.)At first, Russian medieval painting followed closely all the developments of the Byzantine.

This Eastern Orthodox Church, as it was known, became the next great patron and sponsor of the arts.

When, in 988, Prince Vladimir of Kiev adopted Christianity for himself and his subjects, he too began employing Byzantine architects to build his churches, and artists to endow them with magnificent fresco paintings and mosaic art.

One of the oldest and finest is the cathedral of St Sophia in Kiev, planned by St Vladimir and built, between 10, by his son Jaroslav.

The cathedral was reconstructed in the style of the Ukrainian baroque, and does not now convey much idea of the original plan, with its five naves.

Standing roughly 3 inches high, and made of gold using the lost-wax process, it was excavated from what was believed to be a royal burial chamber.

The gold bull and its twin, together with two silver bulls, made up a quartet of animal sculptures which decorated the four supports of a bed canopy.

The bull is carefully ornamented with incised concentric circles between its curved horns, as well as lines highlighting the eyes, nose, mouth, hooves and tail.

Purely Russian elements appear more obviously in the miniature-painting of the period, as soon as it ceased to be practised exclusively by Greeks.

There are clear differences; lifelike animal and plant motifs appear together with conventionalized Byzantine faces, and bright reds and blues - always favourite colours of the Russians - emphasize the national character of these manuscript illuminations, which lasted into the thirteenth century.

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Magdalenian era art in Russia is exemplified by the Kapova Cave Paintings in the Shulgan-Tash Preserve, Bashkortostan, in the southern Urals and also by Amur River Basin Pottery (14,300 BCE).

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