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Or maybe you’re walking down down the street, or a trail, and you discover something along the way that is either out of the ordinary, or something you find meaningful.

Do you have a general feeling of unease, or do you suddenly feel a sense of energy flow to the possibility you’ve asked about? Notice if there is any tension in any part of your body, in relation to the issue at hand. When we experience obstacles in our lives, sometimes these are just part of life, and an indication to get creative, up our game, or take a different approach/make a different choice.If you are clairvoyant, and tend to be more visual, you may take more notice of certain visuals, words, or images around you.One game I like to play with myself, just to strengthen this gift, is to ask a question of my Spirit Guides when I’m taking a walk.Again, it’s not how popular knowledge would take it, but what this personally means to you.If you are clairsentient, you pick up your knowledge through feeling.

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