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We did a deep analysis on a variety of signals (article word count, title word count, how many links, embedded media, how many comments, how many favorites, bounce rate, etc) to try to determine which individual pieces of content were getting hit the most.

We separated the content that gained the most traffic to compare against the content that had lost the most traffic, comparing signals & looking for trends. Very short video descriptions would rank quite well, while long, detailed original transcriptions and guides were suffering.

Shifts between #4-#8 don't make nearly as much of a difference. A consensus has been forming across the web stating that if you remove duplicate and otherwise low-quality content from your site, or do the work of telling Google not to index it, your classification as low-quality under panda would be lifted.

The idea that you can get out from under this cloud started to gain traction as a couple of stand out examples started showing up.

I have seen this briefly mentioned by observers, but I haven't seen this phenomenon transparently documented either in SEO press or in the Panda Google forum.

The purpose of this post is to transparently share data from the site Wonder How (of which I am the CTO) and locate others experiencing a similar phenomenon.

Even more egregious, they are also being outranked by scrapers who effectively steal and republish the same content without permission or credit.Please see also Earliest Uses of Various Mathematical Symbols, Images of Mathematicians on Postage Stamps, and Ambiguously Defined Mathematical Terms at the High School Level. “Perhaps I may without immodesty lay claim to the appellation of Mathematical Adam, as I believe that I have given more names (passed into general circulation) of the creatures of mathematical reason than all the other mathematicians of the age combined.” —James Joseph Sylvester, Nature 37 (1888), p. These pages are maintained by Jeff Miller, recently retired as a math teacher at Gulf High School in New Port Richey, Florida. Pre Panda For three years, we at Wonder How To organized the sprawling world of How To with taxonomical zeal and very human curation.By January, we had grown to more than 10mm monthly uniques.

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The principal contributors are John Aldrich, Julio González Cabillón, Carlos César de Araújo, and James A. Other contributors are Manoel de Campos Almeida, Antranig Basman, Dave Cohen, John Conway, Martin Davis, Karen Dee Michalowicz, Joanne M. Neumann, Ken Pledger, Paul Pollack, Jim Propp, Aldo I.

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