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While not all people will show the following signs, these types of behaviours and physical signs can serve as warning signs that a situation could turn violent. Look for multiple warning signs and for signs of escalation (the behaviours are getting worse).If you are concerned about a person who shows some or all of the identified characteristics, take action.The main thing you as a Counselor can do is to be alert and make sure your students know they have someone they can talk to in school if they have an issue.DASH’s early warning signs are meant to guide you in determining whether your relationship is healthy.

If you do not have a program, you should consider developing one.

You can also get advice from your employee assistance program (EAP) if you have one.

Find out if you have a violence prevention program in your workplace and what you should do -- if not, encourage your employer to develop one.

Remember, employers have a legal obligation to provide employees with a safe workplace.

This obligation includes providing a workplace free from workplace violence.

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