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The problem may be a security program such as Zone Alarm Extreme Security (see below) that is preventing changes to your Mozilla application files after an update.[12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] If you use Zone Alarm Force Field (either standalone or as part of Zone Alarm Extreme Security) Firefox may crash at startup or Firefox may fail to start after an update (you may see a message similar to Error: Platform version '9.01' is not compatible with min Version Advanced Settings", and turn off "Enable Virtualization").If you used "sudo" to install Firefox and it starts at the end of the install process and runs when you log in as root but fails to run as a normal user, then check the ownership of "$HOME/.mozilla" and subdirectories.The symptoms are that you won't get any error messages, and Firefox will exit with a value of 1.This Firefox startup error can occur after performing a Windows System Restore (bug 877143) but whatever the reason, the usual solution is to do a clean reinstall by removing the Firefox program folder and then reinstalling Firefox (there's normally no need to uninstall Firefox before reinstalling it): [31] [32] [33] This can be caused by an incorrect setting in the Windows registry.If you attempt to install the Opera browser as a workaround, or if you attempt to install or remove various Microsoft applications, you will see an error similar to, Error 1606: Could Not Access Network Location.[24] [25] [26] You should now be able to start Firefox.[27] [28] If the problem persists, restart the system or use Task Manager again, then delete the "xpicleanup.exe" file in the Firefox installation directory (usually Firefox may fail to start after updating and you may see the error, The procedure entry point js_Save Reg Exp Statics could not be located in the dynamic link library js3250

Alternately, do a clean reinstall (use another browser to download the Firefox installer from and, after first removing the Mozilla Firefox installation directory, reinstall Firefox).

Depending on your browser version and OS, Firefox or Sea Monkey may hang, crash, or simply fail to start because of a problematic plugin.

If possible, visit Mozilla's Plugin Check page with another browser that Plugin Check supports (e.g., Safari or Opera) to help identify installed plugins.

This should allow Firefox to start but you will still need to update Firefox.

Updating Firefox may resolve the issue but if the problem persists, download the Firefox setup file from, remove the "Mozilla Firefox" program folder and then reinstall Firefox.

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