Updating wordpress database

If you have made any changes to those files, your changes will be lost.

When updating Word Press themes or plugins following the simple steps below can save you some headaches.

To help you safely and easily update to the most recent version of Word Press.

Before you update we need to do a little housekeeping: Not comfortable backing up everything and updating yourself?

Follow these and you’ll be able to update every time without harming your site’s functionality!

To avoid any worry of an update harming your site, make sure to back up your site before you install any updates.

With full revision updates (for example: 3.x to 4.0): Doing a quick double-check with theme and plugin developers *before* updating to see if they have any concerns or comments about your theme and the new version is wise.

If you are using quality a theme and plugins the developer(s) will be on top of this.

If omitted, all values in $where will be treated as strings.If string, that format will be used for all of the values in $data.A format is one of '%d', '%f', '%s' (integer, float, string).Updating Word Press is essential to keeping your site functional and secure, but updates can interfere with customizations or even break your site.That’s why, in this post, we cover the five considerations you should bear in mind when it comes to installing Word Press updates.

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