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There is no way they want to prepare their tax return in the middle of March, so they might choose a fiscal year that runs from July 1 to June 30. Maybe the president of the company always goes to the Bahamas in the spring and doesn't want to mess with his taxes until he gets back. Maybe in a seasonal business, they wanted to make sure they captured their most lucrative month their first year so that their profits would be higher, enabling them to qualify for bigger loans, and that's what they've been doing ever since. Can an individual taxpayer file on a fiscal year-basis, or is that something reserved only for businesses?

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It demonstrates a couple of macros for the purpose.

(You can easily copy the macro code into Word Perfect; see here for instructions.

[More...]• Be sure they are shortcuts (they will have a small arrow on the icon); left-click on one of them and drag it to the Word Perfect toolbar or property bar (note that the latter may be a context-sensitive bar, so it may not always be visible).

• To reposition it, just hold down the • If you want to easily print a document or an envelope to a different printer from the one normally used to print your document, then return the printer setting to the default, see this thread on Word Perfect Universe.

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That way, their accounting and tax records conclude at about the same time that the school year ends and students are off for the summer.

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