Updating port forwarding for your router failed

I can't tell you how to do that without knowing what your router is - some routers make that easy to do, others do not.Have you set IP forwarding for the NAS in your router. There is no way that you can see the nas from outside your network unless you set the router to translate calls to the nas IP.I have also shared Huawei B593 Wi Fi Routers firmware update .If you don’t know how to update the firmware then you can refer this article.

So, I keep providing various new firmwares as and when it remain available.

But unfortunately the DSL modem / router what the ISP give isn't supporting Dyndns, so i can't make dyndns with the router Any idea why is not updating?

thank youanother thing,on the they recommended to change the server address to members..

They do not show up on the list nor work, but I cannot add a new entry.

Entry before adding: Error after adding: As others have said, your only option is to do a full reset and re-enter your config.

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From now onward, all Huawei E3272 Modem Firmware and Software update will be shared in this article.

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