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Many men think the domestic abuse or domestic violence is only happening to them and no other man has suffered in the same way.

This is not true, as the Government’s own statistics show – one in six men will be a victim in their lifetime and one in three of all victims of domestic abuse are men.

Teen dating abuse is where there is a pattern of violence or threat of violence against a partner and includes verbal, emotional, physical, sexual and digital abuse.

She interviewed Meg from the Mentors in Violence Prevention Program.

It does not just benefit the victim but also those that surround them.” – A Survivor of Teen Dating Abuse on supporting your teen in fostering healthy relationships with their peers and dating partners.

The guide gives specific examples of healthy relationships versus abusive ones, conversation starters you can use, and practical tips on how to navigate the discussion with your teen.

It’s important that everyone know the signs of teen dating abuse and know what to do when they recognize unhealthy behaviors in a teen’s dating life.

Additionally, with the prevalence of digital devices and access to the internet 24/7, teens are experiencing dating abuse online as well.

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In this talk, Porter asks men to get out of this “man box” and boldly act in ways counter to what they’ve been taught.

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