Top us cities for interracial dating

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"Welcome to First Nations University," Regina Willerby said, and the young woman looked at the dozen or so future students (and their parents) who were following her on a tour of campus.

To be fair, I give her credit for going on a date with a Chinese man.

When you do a Google Search for “dating Chinese men” (with the quotation marks), her post comes up as the number one result.

People searching for information on this topic will probably click on it first — after all, the title is exactly what they were looking for and it’s on the top, even though the actual content doesn’t really deliver on its promise.

But if that is the case, then why doesn’t she write about more of her dating experiences in the post?

She misleads people by titling it “On Dating Chinese Men” — when it really ought to be called “My Bad First Date With a Chinese Man.” But here’s another thing that really troubles me.

Search for top us cities for interracial dating:

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