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When I say a means-to-an-end, I meant that in my personal journey (and apparently others’ as well), sex was thrown into the picture to try and gain love, when in reality, I feel that sex should be the cultivation of the love that is already there.I had it backward, which is why I needed to switch gears. We don’t want to spend time or effort on something that doesn’t have a guarantee, because there are so many options literally at our fingertips, that many find it pointless to devote energy to one person if nothing is sparking instantly.Learn more about this “Woman Who Works” below: Bruna Nessif Los Angeles 1988 (Age: 29) Cal State Fullerton dancing, reading, doodling, TV show and movie marathons, eating, yoga, hiking, going to the beach compassionate, driven, surprising I’m blessed to be surrounded by a lot of inspiring women, but one in particular who has always been a positive role model for me is my mother.She’s living proof that no matter what hurdles are thrown your way, you can overcome them with hard work, dedication, and confidence in your capabilities.

Loyalty, integrity, consistency, honesty, trust–those are all basic traits that are crucial to building a substantial relationship, but not many people are willing to offer that anymore. This is a very personal topic that I chose to share with thousands of strangers on the Internet, but the response proved that it was worth it.Learn to love yourself, don’t let the world make your heart hard because people need to experience a love like yours, and remember that you can carry yourself with humility while also refusing to entertain those who see you as anything less than the gift that you are.” Make sure you check out Bruna’s website, The Problem With Dating.If you live in Los Angeles or New York or any metropolis that has a strong entertainment influence, you know what I’m talking about.I’m very open, clearly, and that’s because I know that there has to be at least one other person in the world who resonates with what I’m feeling.We’re not alone in our struggles, despite often feeling that way, so I figured if one person connected with my words, then it was worth it.

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I came to a crossroads with my career, because I had my stable income at a job that wasn’t fulfilling anymore, and then I had my passion project which wasn’t making me any money.

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