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I grew up in a small town in Canada, in a frugal and somewhat bizarre family where love, rather than manufactured products, was the chief currency.We also missed out on any concept of tradition, religion, and even most of polite society’s Social Norms.You can buy beer and wine for everyone, and your heaviest-drinking friend or family member can be the unofficial bartender.

Money Mustache that retirement before 65 is impossible. Money Mustache to attack another one of America’s most sacred traditions. Well, not marriage specifically, but those fantastic and fancy parties we call weddings.Now, in case you hadn’t figured it out, from an American perspective, I might as well be from another planet.These Ultraweddings are so ingrained (surely in part by the efforts of the profitable wedding industry itself) that people think they are having a “low-key” wedding if they only have 100 guests or only spend ,000. When my wife and I decided we were adult enough to get married (just before age 30, after 10 years of togetherness), we put on our best sandals and walked downtown. So we hiked to the top of a mountain at the edge of Boulder, Colorado and under a towering arch of rock, declared, “We are married!We went to the county clerk’s office, where they record important events like property transactions, births, deaths, and marriages, and we said we wanted to get married. ” said the nice lady there, and gave us a pretty diploma-like document to fill out, with a golden seal in the corner. ” Later we invited all the local friends over for drinks and nicely made food at our house.

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