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Over time a number of features were added given more of what people wanted for the game.Originally, You played as one of three Male Characters who had to date one of Three girls (Tikal, Amy Rose, Sonia) and, if possible, get her to grow to Macro size via giving her Chaos Emeralds, which could be won via trivia questions.There are also options in piano for qualified students to undertake an Accompaniment or Repetiteur stream.The required units of study for this award indicate the practical focus placed on performance as both a soloist and member of a musical ensemble.Since then, he has tended to do less Macro than before, but his art style has improved over time.As well as his MSDS, other noted Flash Macro Projects have been the two interactive movies in his 'The Macro trap' series ('Tikal in The Macro Trap - Part 1' & 'Sonia in The Macro Trap - Part 2'), as well as a number of non-Macro Projects for sites like Ero-Mania such as Flash game 'Paradise Hotel', and his Code 69 Comic Series Starting in 2007, Tempy's "Macro Sonic Dating Sim" was done with support of the Macro Sonic Forums and Early beta 'in progress' versions were often uploaded for Bug testing by the community.

Loved this game then, and it makes me have an emotional nutt even today. I love how you've redone it, there is so much to do now and sometimes it does become a tad unbearable - but I guess in the end it's all worth it aha.An early test shot of a version of MSDS 2 engine idea was included as a hidden secret in the original and updated release. To play, you need for the moment to be a member of "free strip games".Click on "read more" for a full walkthrough for "Business Angels 7 bonus" *** Read more: Walkthrough for Business Angels 7 bonus - The day isn't over yet... Click on "read more" for a full walkthrough for "Business Angels 7" *** Read more: Walkthrough for Business Angels 7 - Tant de choses à faire... Click on "read more" for a full walkthrough for "Business Angels 6" *** Read more: Walkthrough for Business Angels 6 - Milly - Solution pour Business Angels 6 - Milly ".Click on "read more" for a full walkthrough for "School Girls: Episode 13" *** Read more: Walkthrough for School Girls: Episode 13 - tuesday - Solution pour School Girls: Episode 13 - mardi ".

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