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there was no way I was going to subject myself to that kind of agony.The proceeding dates with other women were not much fun either.Well let me tell ya guys...things did not improve too much.Time after time, I came face to face with soulless, uninspiring and robotic women.This woman, who from her profile seemed intelligent and down-to-earth kind of girl, viewed our interaction as a job interview, explaining that like in job interviews our ultimate goal is to sell ourselves, and that’s what I should be doing.What she was implying was that she was the prize and that I had to convince her that I was good for her.In their minds, being brusque was sexy, and being overly distant and unattainable was supposed to drive men wild and crazy. A classy, elegant woman that supports her man on the street and rocks his world between the sheets.

That left me with the unattractive, dopey, and mean, stuck up bitches.

The harsh reality is that every woman wants to be Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihana, or that slutty girl from Sex and The City, and because the media shoves these brands down our throats day in and day out, there are millions of women trying to emulate them with the understanding that’s how women ought to behave.

That girl who sits next to you on the C-Train, wearing skinny jeans, a nice fitting leather jacket, high heels, and carrying a Louis Vuitton bag is a live advertisement representing a handful of corporations that have won the battle for her heart and mind. She’s using you as a vehicle for her own validation and empowerment, and that's it.

I am one of those guys who admires a lady who is confident enough to flirt with a man without needing to be drunk, or without suddenly getting uncomfortable when a man flirts with her in a way she’s never experienced in real life.

A a girl that doesn't immediately accuse a man of following some “X day rule” after he calls to set-up a future date.

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