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Grab the treasure you can and go back to the large room.

There’s plenty of flame fruit in this room, so take all you want, as well as looting the treasure.

Find the pyramid on your map and inspect the wall to gain entry.

You’ll see the glowing slot for your keystone immediately; use it and enter the unlocked door.

After disabling the trap, clear the rubble on the left for some treasure, and step on the panel to trigger another backtracking shortcut.

Then head the opposite way and dive through the pool.

Before you get started, make sure you have enough dried food and showers in a can. She’s left some important papers in the Tomb of Discovery.

Swim through the tunnel and when you come out, step on the panel.

There are several active fire traps here, but they can be disabled by pushing a statue onto them.

Disable them with the one movable statue to access the other pushable statue.

Start with the left one, disarming the floor trap in the room behind it.

Ignore the dive well; if you’ve already done the Pangu’s Axe adventure in China, you can smash the boulder here for a treasure chest.

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