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Needless to say, that “No” column was very intimidating.Christine and I took seats close together, as we came up with a goofy signal for whether we liked or disliked the guys we would soon meet.

Maybe they will be so hilarious, you will be inspired to write an opinion piece for a major newspaper about speed-dating and score a gig as a columnist at a media monster.Saying, “Yes,” would mean that we’d further our conversations with the selected winners outside of the event.Should our selections also have said, “Yes,” to us, we were to be connected to this person via e-mail.Since speed dating had never crossed my mind, I was shocked when I found myself keen on trying it out.I, for one, don’t date much, so to be actively signing up for many quick dates in the same night was something I never imagined.

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Speed dating was, therefore, a huge, risky adventure! Christine sent me a screen shot of an e-mail she received from e-Harmony.

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