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" said Speckhardt."If reputable scientists are given the chance to confirm this team's results by replicating their experiments, then the new estimated date for the shroud would gain credibility. Torino is located in the upper northwestern corner of Italy, very near France and Switzerland, and only around an hour’s drive from Mirandola.The Chapel has two rows of columns running down the center, and they kept me from seeing the Shroud.But, as the crowd shuffled down a side aisle, there it was hanging in the very center of the Chapel at the front (the long rectangle in the picture).Otherwise, the Shroud is hidden away and kept from the public.

John the Baptist where the Shroud is on display, but in the large Royal Gardens of the previously ruling Savoy Family, adjoining the Royal Square and the Piazza San Giovanni in front of the Cathedral.

By the way, Europeans, for the most part, study and learn English starting in elementary school, so, most of the time, negotiating your way around Italy is not really that bad.

When I first stepped into the Chapel where the Shroud was displayed, I did not see it.

You will notice from the picture of the announcement poster that it says “Torino” which is the Italian name of the city Turin.

While there, I happened to see a notice that the Shroud of Turin (Sindone di Torino) was going to be on public display in May of 2010.

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