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It provides opportunity for everyone to earn, be at their best without the hassles of being out of home daily. Indeed, I can say that spreading how this has changed my life is worth it.A fast paced world like ours is an epitome of how people should be geared towards to. " Judy P."Finding a greater job opportunity in the city of Manila is the reason why I left the province where I came from.Three weeks later, Oliver Turner directed me to write additional articles for his friend. I pointed out to him that as per our agreement, I will only write two articles for him, write blogs, uploads images, and update his website, We parted ways in an amicable positive, professional way. I sent several skype messages to Oliver Turning, asking for my money.Oliver Turner expressed his disappointment with my refusal. I reminded him about my Pay Pal money and Oliver Turner promised to send it " soon". Sadly, he no longer answers my email or my skype messages.READ: Foreign websites steal our content My name is Alice Hermosa, and I've worked with Oliver Talamayan's company.

Handling different kind of people in one area for the whole day is not easy.

He introduced me to his sis local "virtual assistant" named Rosel Mendoza. Most of the time, he communicated with me through voice calls. As my employer, I requested him one day regarding my predicament. Bob said he could only pay me 0 through Pay Pal. Since I was working as full time employee for Oliver Turner, I requested Oliver if he would be kind enough to accept a Pay Pal payment for me in his account. His virtual assistant Rosel Mendoza also emailed me a promise that he would help me get my Pay Pal money from his boss.

In the first few weeks, I enjoyed working for Oliver Turner. I had a previous freelance client who owed me 0. He can then send the Pay Pal money to me together with my salary. I emailed Bob the Pay Pal account where he could send money. A day later, I got a screenshot of Bob's transaction that showed he just deposited 0 at the Pay Pal account I furnished him. But everything were just promises made to be forgotten.

I feel the atmosphere of the HOME where peace of mind is there.

I can spend lot of time with my family while enjoying my work to a friendly and helpful people. "Rene Alcantara"My friends often rib me about my nomadic career.

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