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”“Yes, sir.”“Put them back down on the desk.”As tears welled up in the boy’s eyes behind his oversized black horn rim glasses Kim saw the papers as they were placed by the woman back down on the massive desk between his two extended forearms.

And there was one that you overlooked and didn’t sign.”“Is the postman still waiting?

The sixteen year-old watched as the man stood with the cane in hand and walked around him. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

But there is no reason now for them to know more than that all tuition and boarding costs will be paid.

Paid for four years, no less.”“It’s a very strict school. At least when I was there.”“Preston here was a wimp back then, Mrs.

He looked into the large black rim glasses to see that Kim’s eyes were closed as he sobbed.

”“Yes; back to welcoming our new boy here.”Without taking his feet down off the cadenza he looked at the nerd of a new boy whose head was bouncing about with his mouth grimacing. Thorne had again paused on her way back out of the office to see how the kid’s ass was coming along. Some untouched room still waiting.”“Well good lord woman.

Now two adult heads were bent down and hovering over his welted ass.“See. Since this area is the most sensitive I wanted to save it for last to give the boy some time to adjust to being caned.”“I see.

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