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94% used the information in their relationship and 87% taught the information to others!

I just watched "Bad Move" the brand new, TERRIFIC PSA produced by First Things First (FTF), and trust me, it's worth your time to go to the web site and view it.To view and print the pamphlets visit Aaron Larson, NHMI Director, at to receive the text only files for use in your newsletters or other methods of distribution.OR, request the full color files if you plan to customize them yourself.It's geared to twenty-somethings and is a powerful 30-second spot about the dangers of living together before marriage.This is the second in a three-part PSA marriage series produced by First Things First - a series created to strengthen marriage in their community.

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Sharon Starling Marketing Consultant for the MI HMC Sample ads: Eye-catching, creative new posters to support your relationship skills work with teens (or really anyone) available from The Dibble Fund. My favorite is “If the Marriage Ain’t Happy, ain’t Nobody Happy”.

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  1. Generally employers want to know when you graduated from college and when you worked for your last employer but aren't concerned about dates for specific job functions or accomplishments. This can be an issue on a reverse-chronological order resume.