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Most employees are mandatory reporters as defined by state law.

Normally, this means reporting any witnessed violations, or violations learned about through the disclosure of others.

A HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT is created when sexual harassment is sufficiently severe, or persistent or pervasive, and objectively offensive resulting in unreasonable interference with, denial of, or limitation of someone’s ability to participate in or benefit from the university’s educational, employment, social and/or residential programs.

SEXUAL CONTACT includes: Sexual Exploitation Sexual exploitation occurs when one person takes non-consensual or abusive sexual advantage of another for her/his own advantage or benefit, or to benefit or advantage anyone other than the one being exploited, and that behavior does not otherwise constitute one of the other sexual misconduct offenses.

Examples of sexual exploitation include, but are not limited to: Bullying and Intimidation Bullying includes any intentional electronic, written, verbal or physical act or a series of acts directed at another person or persons on the basis of sex, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation, that is severe, persistent or pervasive and that has the intended effect of substantially interfering with a person’s education or work; creating a threatening environment; or substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the university.

It may involve one act or an ongoing pattern of behavior.

Intimate-partner violence can encompass a broad range of behavior including, but not limited to, physical violence, sexual violence, emotional violence and economic abuse.

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Includes when submission to such conduct would be a condition for access to receiving the benefits of any educational or employment program.

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