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The sedation physicians will determine the way the child will be sedated on the day of the MRI.Doctors and nursing staff will administer the sedation medications.

Aspirin, acetaminophen and salicylamide are among the drugs that have heretofore been included as the pain reliever and fever-reducing component in conventional cough/cold multisymptom alleviating compositions.

The physician or practitioner who ordered the child’s test also may request that the child be sedated for the procedure If your child will require sedation, read more about preparing for your child's sedation procedure.

If the child’s physician did not order sedation but you are concerned that your child may need it during the MRI, please alert the radiology scheduler.

While the child is sedated and the MRI is taking place, he or she will be monitored constantly.

Breathing, heart rate, blood-oxygen level and blood pressure will be tracked.

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