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Quickly squash this objection by offering flexible payment options and payment plans and being open to working with your clients and customers to remove payment as an obstacle.Communicating scarcity and creating urgency can quickly move a prospect from a maybe to a yes, if done with integrity.One of the easiest ways to shorten your sales conversations is to get your prospects to decide that you are the best and only choice for them before they even reach out to you for a conversation.Testimonials that illustrate a 'before and after' help prospects visualize themselves achieving the same thing and build trust.You may even create and sign contracts based on these assumptions. In many cases, important details are lost in translation from you to the middle man to the decision maker and back.To avoid these situations, ask up front if the person you are communicating with is the final decision maker.

With unique packages, your prospects must evaluate the total package, deliverables, and value, instead of just the price — and that is worth its weight in gold because when you compete on price, no one wins.

By showcasing testimonials on your website, in your marketing materials, and even in your sales contracts, you are reminding your prospects that you have helped others just like them achieve their similar goals.

The goal of your marketing is position yourself as the only choice in the eyes of your ideal clients instead of just another choice.

Let me be clear: while this is an extremely effective tool, you must ONLY leverage urgency and scarcity when it is real. Asking for the sale isn't always the most comfortable part of the sales conversation, and as a result, a lot of services providers never actually ask for the sale, or ask for a yes to taking the next step — they just wait for the prospect to decide and let them know. When you leave it on the prospect to make the decision, reach out to you, and take the next step, chances are it won't happen. You need to continue to stay in contact, follow up, and stay top of mind consistently until you hear a definitive yes or no.

Jennifer Bourn is the Creative Director and Digital Strategist for Bourn Creative, a full service design company based in Sacramento, California that specializes in custom, lead generation Word Press sites.

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