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This is why many people in any profession choose not to form romantic relationships with coworkers.Every one of these couples had amazing chemistry and helped define love for generations of viewers.One of many relationships the show delved into was the one between Nick and Lindsay.In real life, the romance between Jason Segel and Linda Cardellini outlasted the series, which was canceled long before its time.After a year of speculation, and an adamant refusal on either actor’s part to confirm or deny the rumors, it would seem that the couple finally has finally gone public.Elle reported that last week, as the couple was returning from a Paris vacation, they were ambushed at the airport by an aggressive photographer who refused to take a hint.Apparently, Sharmen was the one who ended their relationship.Reed explained that this was her first experience of having someone break up with her.

Viewers read into every Instagram post and photo shoot, uncovering plenty of evidence to fuel their suspicions.

However, it was all speculation, considering how close the cast is off camera.

People reported that Dyer and Heaton were spotted on the red carpet for the 2017 Fashion Awards back in December.

Did you cross your fingers that Veronica would wind up with Piz instead of Logan on Veronica Mars?

While watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, were you Team Angel or Team Spike?

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The pair have been seen together ever since, loving it up.

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