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We have about 1,000 PC on the network with Symantec 10.5.5000 Corporate Edition supplying updates.

However, about 150 are not getting updates even though it can see the server. There's an older tool on he CD (maybe only on version 9) media called GRCDROP that can help.

Is it true that the Symantec Scan Engine needs the -x86 update?The Symantec Scan Engine is performing Content Filtering duty. gid=savce the i32 executable file for 32-bit client installations is used to update SAV Corp.clients and the x86 executable file for 32-bit client installations is used for Symantec Anti Virus Scan Engine for Windows(again, is this same as Symantec Scan Engine?We haven't set up a secific site Live Update server. I've got several questions about the Symantec Scan Engine.

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