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So, I assumed that most child molesters were priests or guys wearing trench coats and driving unmarked vans.

However, during the course of the trial, I learned that about 90 percent of child-sex-abuse victims are molested by someone the child knows (i.e.: a relative, teacher, coach, family friend, etc.).

However, you should limit and/or monitor their one-on-one time with children.

“Watch out for teacher adoration beyond the bounds of a normal crush, accompanied by ‘secret’ phone calls and special individual attention.” 3. Child molesters often collect photographs and videos of children who are not their own. Unfortunately, child molesters are often family members.

I was a young sexually active teenager and it was a scary thing, but it was not an uncommon thing. So, I was just not as traumatized as everybody thinks I should have been.” Geimer also resisted the idea that Polanski was a pedophile. “I wasn’t 10.” Geimer said she felt her own feelings about the case don’t matter to the court. Gordon appeared frustrated with Braun, repeatedly advising him not to relitigate issues that had already been decided. Superior Court judges had engaged in behind-the-scenes misconduct against Polanski, Gordon became visibly irritated. “I think he was about ready to unload on me and thought better of it… They’re trying to cover for the other judges.” Gordon said he would issue a written ruling on the release of the Gunson transcript.

At one point, Braun said he had “done everything I can to resolve this case.” “Well, with one exception,” Gordon replied, suggesting that Polanski do what young men and women “do every day in this court” and come in for sentencing. Here is the prepared text of Geimer’s statement to the judge.

Back in 1977, Polanski was charged with drugging and raping 13-year-old Samantha Geimer but managed to escape justice by fleeing to Europe.

Earlier in October, German actress Renate Langer, now 61, filed a complaint to Swiss authorities accusing Polanksi of raping her when she was 15.Let’s begin with how you can recognize child molesters and, then, we’ll look at actions you can take.Years ago, I served on a jury hearing a child-sex-abuse case. My knowledge was limited to what I learned through the mainstream press.While they sometimes produce and collect child pornography, many more molesters seem to enjoy images of children who are clothed and engaged in typical childhood activities. In the child-sex-abuse case I mentioned above, the jury I served on ended up convicting a step-grandfather of sexually abusing his step-grandson.Be cautious around adults who enthusiastically photograph children who are not their own. “The incestuous or family molester is usually an adult male such as the father, stepfather, uncle, grandfather or live-in boyfriend of the mother, who then molests the child or children.” 5. Child molesters often “groom” their intended victims by buying them gifts or taking them on special outings, sometimes over a period of years.

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