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In a perfect world, we would all live in shiny, happy communities where our neighbors lent us sugar when we needed it and invited us to block parties all summer long.

For many of us, though, this just isn't the reality of things — and for some of us, it's far from it. Thanks to Reddit user Throwawayca91's third-floor neighbor, the entire apartment building consistently reeked of cat pee.

"At one point he was stealing our water, which drove up our water bill," Litl This Litl That writes. When teenage_cremation was growing up, a next-door neighbor made it clear to the user and the user's siblings that she wasn't a fan of children.He then drove himself to the hospital where they ended up removing his one nut."But as if that wasn't bad enough, the horror didn't stop there"To make matters worse when his mom got home she though something really bad had happened, like murder bad.There was a ton of blood on the bathroom floor and drops of blood leading out through the house and outside to where her son's car should have been.It was a great shower, good steam, and I had a shower beer with me...Lost track of time, and left the hair remover on for 20 minutes. Not so great." —Sully1102If you're hoping to avoid scarring your scrotum or otherwise going Edward Scissorhands on your junk, these two helpful products will help both during the process and afterward.

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One wrong swipe of the razor or inexperienced slip of the electric trimmer and suddenly you're in a scary movie, complete with the guts and gore. Despite the risks, 60 percent of men say they would shave their genitals at a partner's request. Well, just check out these Reddit horror stories – and do exactly the opposite as these poor people did. It hurt, the hairs were getting ripped out and shit.

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