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Launch in 1957 with reference 2915-1, the entire reference, including 2915-2 and the transitional 2915-3, would last barely three years.

Identifying a 2915 watch is perhaps the easiest of all Speedmasters, due to some very noticeable differences from later watches, not the least of which are the broad arrow hands. Consider that at the time, a tachymeter scale existed – at best – on the outer rim of chronograph's dial.

A chronograph, or a watch with "stop watch" functionality, whether it be from Omega, Heuer, Rolex, Vacheron, or Patek Philippe, would be a purpose-built tool designed to be used by an engineer, a technician, a doctor, or a sportsman of some kind.

The chronograph for the casual timepiece wearer was not a concept that would develop until some years later – really into the 1970s – and we have explored how that transition took place with the help of the Jack Heuer and the number three cigarette in America here.

It bears the reference of the earliest Speedmasters – 2915 – but that doesn't mean it may not look just like the watch that came next – reference 2998-1; you can find 2915-3 models with both a brushed metal and a black bezel with "base 1000" script.

Still, the CK2915 is the most desirable and valuable of all Omega Speedmasters due to its importance, rarity, and completely different look.The thing is, all of them could very well be correct.In 1959, Omega was finishing up production of its first Speedmasters, all the while ramping up to launch the The dial, case, and pushers of the 2915-3 should match that of the 2915 as described, but you should see a case back that, for the first time, says "Speedmaster" directly above the Seahorse logo. However, if you were to find a 2915-3 with an earlier back, I do not believe anyone would challenge its authenticity.(Incidentally, if we can revive that term for the tachy-bezel, I will consider my life a success.) It's very easy for all of us to forget that mechanical watches were neither the luxury fashion object that some consider them today, nor were they a retro throwback for the well-to-do and upwardly mobile – they were tools.The 1957 Speedmaster, with its engraved tachy bezel, three-register chronograph, and anti-magnetic, shock-proof, triple-sealed case, water resistant up to 200 feet, was what Omega thought to be the most durable, highest precision, While the Speedmaster is undoubtedly Omega's most famous watch to come from the year 1957, we must remember that it was launched as one part of an entire family of technical watches.

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