Probability of acceptance in dating choice

It is usually hard to nail down exactly the reason you were not accepted — the decision is usually based on a combination of factors, as well as your overall place in that college’s current applicant pool.

Does deferment always end in rejection or do I still have a chance? Even the most selective colleges report admit rates of 10 to 20 percent of deferred applicants — about the same as their overall admissions odds.If your math score is significantly below a college’s middle-fifty-percent range (the range in which half of entering students score), then that could be an issue for you.Depending on the level of selectivity of the colleges, this could be a reason they find not to admit you from a highly competitive pool.Now, it might not be possible, given the lateness of the year, the offerings available at your school, and your schedule.Make sure to send a letter to the college emphasizing your course choices and why you made them.

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