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Even when they are single or with only one other partner they think of themselves as polyamorous and they negotiate their relationships with that built in. Well, since cheating is unethical and involves opening up your relationship without the consent of everyone in it, it categorically isn’t polyamory. Jealousy, like any emotion, is a pretty natural human reaction.Other folks think of polyamory as a practice they engage in and could move in and out of easily. There isn’t a lot of statistical data on the overlap between kink and poly. One interesting thing a lot of polyamorous people do report experiencing, that may make feelings of jealousy more manageable, is compersion. Honesty is an important part of any healthy relationship, and when you’re engaged in multiple intimate relationships you get a lot more chance to practice these skills.Polyamory and other forms of open relationships aren’t the new gold standard we should all be aiming for.Monogamy is absolutely a valid relationship style and foundation for a happy, healthy life — it simply shouldn’t be the default.Goodness knows my relationships are something I am deeply thankful for!woman to see a spike in representations of non-traditional dating and family structures in the media I consume, it can also be incredibly frustrating watching the frequent gross misrepresentations of my life and community.We should be able to choose the life we want to lead and that’s best for us. is a freelance writer, speaker, and host of The Katie Speak Show on Netroots Radio.

It is a version of consensual, ethical non-monogamy that refers to engaging in (or being open to engage in) multiple, simultaneous romantic relationships. There are almost as many ways to do or be polyamorous as there are people who call themselves poly, but the unifying keys are ethical behavior and consent.

Think of it like a spectrum with monogamy on one end and relationship anarchy on the other end (and infinite points in between and, for some, the ability to move fluidly up and down the line). Just because someone is kinky it doesn’t make them poly, and vice versa.

Some folks describe their polyamory as part of their sexual or identity orientation. Remember above when I said, “the unifying keys are ethical behavior and consent”? Fore more on the kink-poly overlap, check out (Pitagora, 2016). Some poly folks say they don’t experience jealousy, but most do.

We take an identity from our interests (You know, “I am a knitter” or “I am a swimmer” to pick two said, “I am a Virginian….”).

The thing is, this kind of thing is really first layer, cocktail party chat stuff.

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