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You have a few options, in growing order of complexity: 1) Just time-and-datestamp every line.

When you need to examine the coalesced file, you interleave all the input files.

This works fine to prevent the same file from getting written to more than once, but the directory quickly gets thousands of files (each file contains just a few bytes in it).

There is a process to rotate and compress these logs, but it has fallen upon me to make it so the script logs to just one file a day to reduce the number of log files being created.

To close a filehandle, and therefore disassociate the filehandle from the corresponding file, you use the close function.

This flushes the filehandle's buffers and closes the system's file descriptor.

For extra safety you can make your logging scripts create new log file every period of time (say 5 minutes) , and make your daemon ignore the files that are younger than five minutes. using Net:: Daemon or similar, which handles the writing of log entries in a central manner.

The CGI script instances would pass the log strings to this daemon through a socket.

The PERMS argument specifies the file permissions for the file specified, if it has to be created. Following is the table, which gives the possible values of MODE.2) Write a script that keeps running all the time that holds all filehandles open and, using select() finds files with new data and dumps it to the output in the order it received it.This method could become a resource hog, as it would be constantly calling select, then looking for new files, then opening the new files, then calling select again. If you ever end up in a situation where the loggers can have more log files open than a process in your operating system can support at a time, you're back to solution number 1. All filehandles are capable of read/write access, so you can read from and update any file or device associated with a filehandle.However, when you associate a filehandle, you can specify the mode in which the filehandle is opened.

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Basically, the log file will have the current date in the file name, and anytime the CGI script needs to write to the log, it will append to the one log file for that day, regardless of the user or what step they are on.

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