Optically stimulated luminescence dating at rose cottage cave

Fourteen of these samples were dated (eight in Pretoria and six in Risø, Denmark by A. The protocol that was used is the conventional single-aliquot regenerative (SAR) protocol, due to its ability to correct for behavioural problems associated with OSL dating.This study is primarily concerned with testing the validity of the conventional SAR protocol applied to South African archaeological sites.These places are a long way from the sea, and were once even more so when past sea levels were lower and the coast even more distant.But we do know that the earliest Australians were originally seafarers.They came from island South-East Asia and no matter which route they followed had to make sea crossings of up to 90 kilometres to get here.The earliest landfall on the continent is now likely to be at least 50 metres below the present ocean.For the past five years an international team of 30 scientists has been working in collaboration with the Buurabalayji Thalanyji Aboriginal Corporation and Kuruma Marthudunera Aboriginal Corporation on Boodie Cave, a deep limestone cave on the remote Barrow Island, off the Western Australia coast.

Seventeen luminescence samples taken over the last decade were used in this study. The samples were taken from the entire sequence and gave age ranges from the bottom of the sequence up until the Oakhurst LSA industry.

Assessing the radiation dose was problematic because the measurement of potassium (K) returned different values using several independent techniques.

The mode of sediment deposition via different depositional mechanisms such as, fluvial, and clast spalling present difficult challenges in assessing the zero age value of a sample.

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