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Brown regarding the work environment at Business Oregon and any/all responses from the Governor's office staff.

I am also writing to request access to and a copy of any and all contracts and scope of work documents for the investigator looking into the Business Oregon. ​​Good Afternoon, I would like to request an electronic Copy of the Governing Documents for the Child Foster Care Advisory Committee such as "Scope of work" and official recommendations. Marissa​​I am hereby making a request to receive a copy or inspect any public record that has been created or received by any member of Governor Brown’s staff regarding the conduct of John Hummel and other members of the Deschutes County DA’s Office in response to my last week’s written communication with the Governor.

This is another request for public records.​​I am writing to request access to and a copy of the April 5th letter to Gov.I understand two positions may be open soon, and would like to see who has expressed interest. Bob​ UPDATED Response 3/14/18.​1) All records maintained by the Governor's Office related to the procurement and award of the DHS multi-service center to be constructed in Klamath Falls. Department of Justice concerning the state's sanctuary laws.As one position has been open since April of 2016, I have requested this information before. 2) All communications between the Governor's Office and Klamath Works, Inc. 3) All communications between the Governor's Office and the proposer for the site located at 1940 S 6th Street, Lot 14, Klamath Falls for the procurement and award described in request #1 above (including communications to/from the identified investors: Mark Wendt, Rod Wendt, Todd Taylor and Sky Lakes Medical Center).​​Please, provide electronic copies of any correspondence since Jan. This includes any correspondence between DOJ and Gov.​​Good morning, I would like to obtain Hazardous Waste Manifest Data for calendar year 2017, in Excel format for the entire state.Information I would like is: Address: RCRA_Site_ID_NR Common_NM Inactive_DT Reporting_Year_NR Gen_Status_CD Loc_Line1_AD Loc_City_NM Loc_State_CD Loc_Zip_CD Organization_NM Person_First_NM Person_Last_NM Mail_Line1_AD Mail_City_NM Mail_State_CD Mail_Zip_CD Manifest: dbo_Facility Site_RCRA_Site_ID_NR Common_NM Inactive_DT Reporting_Year_NR Gen_Status_CD Sequence_NR Kgs Generated Epa Waste Codes Waste_Stream_DS Manifest_NR Shipment_DT Transporter_ID_NR Kgs Shipped dbo_Shipment Sent_RCRA_Site_ID_NR Mgmt_System_CD Please let me know.

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