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For the boomers are not only bequeathing a more individualistic, selfish, atomised society.They are also handing over a Britain addicted to spending and crippled by debt - public and private.A typical teenage mum gets £173 a week from the taxpayer in income support, child tax credit and child benefit - but only £25 a week from the father of her child.

Others made their money in the Eighties and Nineties, and are now looking forward to a long, healthy and well-remunerated retirement.

To handle the number of cases, the state gets bigger; to fund the benefit system, the taxpayer forks out. Research shows children of single parents are more likely to do badly at school, suffer poor health and be unemployed as they grow up.

Yet the decline of the nuclear family - for all its flaws, still the best arrangement for love and support ever devised - is only one symptom of the culture of self-indulgence inculcated by the baby-boom generation.

While Britons lucky enough to be teenagers when the Beatles were in their heyday can congratulate themselves on their timing, those of us born after 1965 face a rather more disturbing prospect.

For, if Willetts is right, we will not only be picking up the bill for our parents' surging healthcare and pension costs, we will also be paying off their public debt for decades.

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