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So we really have no way to identify if these are legitimate members of the site or if the photograph have been purchased and then use to create a profile.

Yes you are interacting with real people, but are they even female?

Disruption causes quantum shifts in industries and societal behavior by digitizing the analog, upending economic models and otherwise challenging the status quo.We have witnessed ourselves reading countless online reviews that claim that the site is fabulous.If you look at the general overall theme of the positive reviews it looks like it's written by the same people, with the same thought process.But even if youre not, the takeaway from these stories can easily be applied to the private sector: Focus on the impact, the people -- the customers -- and success will follow.More business processes and highly-specialized tasks are being targeted for automation with the goal of making people and companies more efficient.

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We suggest that you use extreme caution if you plan on purchasing credits on this site.

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