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“They know that Sirius left me everything and when you add all the Potter stuff to that…? ” She whispered, turning to face him.“Do you really think Ron didn’t know? Or he wouldn’t have stormed off, thinking that you and I…” She couldn’t even say it.“Eww…” Harry grimaced. She wasn't cutting the rest of the family out of her life, just to avoid two people, though.

No, Hermione wasn’t that forgiving, even if Ron was.

Harry watched as Hermione tied the scarf that Ron had given her for Christmas, around the trunk of a tree near the loch where they’d spent the night, both of them hoping – and dreading – that Ron would return. Fred and George exchanged speaking glances as they sat, one on each side of a frail-looking Hermione.

And today they were going to Gringotts, for the Reading of Harry’s Will. First they provided blood for identity tests and then they were escorted to a large room.

Suddenly they were somewhere else, Harry had no idea just where that somewhere was and right now, he really didn’t care. He entered and crossed the bare tent to a deck chair, sitting for a bit to listen, his mind miles away. Settling down besode his wife, Remus swore that he could smell his Harry-cub’s scent.

He moved around placing the wards that both he and Hermione had become so skilled at. He watched his friend, as she hugged her knees to her chest. Maybe it was the tired hooded sweatshirt that Hermione was wearing that carried the familiar smell, but his son wriggling hand on his lap distracted him and stopped him from immersing himself in regret. Mr Potter expressed the desire for a private funeral.”“Oh…Okay… Then that is why Mr Potter has made alternative arrangements for your attendance, separately.

and Raven rises Harry Potter hated being the Boy-Who-Lived. When Hermione tells him about something she overheard, the two begin to plot. Hermione walked up the hill and stopped at his side. His hand reached blindly for hers, clutching at it almost desperately. they’re planning on drugging you.” From here on, it was said quickly, like she had to get it all out, in one go. Being told that Draco was Harry’s spy and that he’d fought at Bill’s side, had changed the way that Ron thought about Draco.

If he did, the scarf would give him a cue for where they planned to go next. She was staying with them, for now and they spent inordinate amounts of time, trying to get her to eat properly. Across the room, Draco wasn’t much better, his skin paler than usual and while his hair was neat, he was not his normal coiffured self.

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I mean Voldermort’s not dead, we have to go back.”“Let me think for a minute, Harry. Harry watched her for a few minutes, before he got bored… He raided the box that they kept their food in and made sandwiches for both of them. She sat down and, just as quietly as Harry had, began to eat the meal Harry had left her. Raven looked at the man and shook his head, if looks were anything to go by, this man was a walking disaster.

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