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Several hot older women in your area have been watching "The Graduate." It may be time to send a personal message.

It seems individuals in your area have been watching "Seinfeld" and Woody Allen films...

It's safe to say that basically everyone with access to the Internet has a Netflix subscription.

For only .99 a month, it would be ridiculous not to pay for this incredible service that allows you to watch a plethora of movies and TV shows at the press of a button. Thanks to Netflix, we can bypass the bullsh*t and get down to what we want to watch, when we want to watch it.

Netflix has picked up a drama that follows a young couple navigating the modern world of dating apps and relationships.

One of the first overtly dating app-orientated films, Newness follows the relationship of Martin (Nicholas Hoult) and Gabi (Laia Costa), who first meet on a made-up hookup app called Winx.

The concept is elegantly simple: Share your basic information (no 80-question dating profile here), location, and favorite shows, and find other singles (or friends, if that's your bag) who love the same TV.

As a Valentine's Day promotion, Netflix's dystopian series "Black Mirror" has created a dating app based on "Hang the DJ," a fan-favorite episode of the show.

The show's Twitter account shared a clip promoting

Two people in a 5-mile radius are willing to share a pint of ice cream.

Netflix is registering at least three other snobs in your luxury high-rise building.

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