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There is a trend towards more inclusive, innovative and user-friendly products.Manufacturers are now creating pleasure products that are used for multiple purposes.Lets take a look at all these sex toy categories in detail below.Vibrators- Vibrators have become the go-to pleasure product to have in your collection.While vibrators may make for stronger orgasms and the ability to achieve them easier and faster, they will not prevent a woman from climaxing during sex.These days vibrators can be designed for clitoral stimulation, anal stimulation, vaginal stimulation and sometimes a combination of zones at the same time.More research is being done on how to provide maximum pleasure and one of the leaders in this area is Fleshlight, a company whose products use real women as models to ensure the anatomy of their products is accurate.Today, there are countless fetish communities and subcultures who have specialized sexual interests in which pleasure products are actively incorporated such as the BDSM community, Leather community, animal role-players, furry fandom, and many others.

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In fact, there is a commonly held belief that men are threatened by the use of vibrators with their partner but statistically this is untrue.

Eighty-one percent of women have used a vibrator in bed with a male partner.

In the early 1900’s, the famous electronic brand Hamilton Beach made an electric vibrator, pre-dating even the electric iron and vacuum cleaner. It wasn't until the '90s, around the time the hit television show ‘Sex and the City’ introduced us to the Rabbit Vibrator, that the general public became more comfortable with the presence of sexual products in media.

According to research, the sex toy industry is valued at over 15 billion dollars worldwide and has a growth rate of 30 percent.

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