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The Powers of Light and Darkness shall be strong within him. A 1980s television retelling of the Robin Hood legend, with a large dose of Celtic mysticism.

In this version, Robin is The Chosen One, the spiritual son of pagan forest-god Herne the Hunter.

Investigators believe his mother is now only one with answer Murder at the Alcatraz of the Rockies: the first homicide in America’s most secure prison The Mystery of the Killer Vacation: Where the hell was Chris Smith, really?

Pioneering cop’s recent death revives probe of daughter’s unsolved killing in ’87 Missing Marguerite: Alabaster widow gone since 1989 4-year-old still waiting for his missing mom to open Christmas presents Ruth Wilson, the schoolgirl who caught a cab to oblivion Elizabethton students working to solve 30-year-old murders Moore County family still waits for closure in case of missing daughter Conspiracy or serial killer?

Two theories offered on unsolved 1974 murder of teens 04/30/2018 Strange phone calls add to 38-year mystery of missing sister Appalachian Unsolved: Who killed the Doo-wop DJ?

Loved ones not giving up hope 34 years after Christy Luna’s disappearance Mysterious Amtrak Passenger Deaths Raise Questions Investigation continues into disappearance nearly 3 years ago of Gary woman, her nephew RCMP renew call for info on girl who went missing 35 years ago Missing and Forgotten: The search for dismembered Jane Doe’s identity PART 3: ’67 homicide case never solved, despite national attention (part 1 part 2, previously posted) I can’t find much about this missing family online but I’ve been searching for years; maybe someone else will have better luck.

The article is available in google archives but the print is smeared so I’ve provided a clearer copy.

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  1. When a mother-daughter duo introduced their routine to Simon Cowell and told him that they […] Courtesy Disney Your favorite animated superhero family just got that fashionable swimwear treatment and you’re going to love it.

  2. The trouble was that successive owners later played pass-the-parcel with Houbigant, subtly but successively tweaking the magic formula for Quelques Fleurs and downgrading it with inferior-quality ingredients (as often happens in the perfume world).