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Go back to HR and/or your boss and say, “I’d like you to remove that write-up from my file.There’s nothing inappropriate about having toiletries in my car, whether it’s a pack of toilet paper, a box of maxi pads, or a bottle of shampoo. I am the only foreigner in my large company overseen by the government of the country where I live, and my salary is paid by a grant from the government to my employer.The latter is definitely possible — it could be that your manager’s boss wasn’t fully in the loop about the grant situation, or it could be that somehow your manager had her info wrong.

I had stopped at the store on the way into work, and they were in a bag along with shampoo and toothpaste.

Can I put my “exceeds expectations” performance review score on my resume?

For the first time, I got “Exceeds Expectations” (an A at my company) on my performance review this year.

I got a write-up for it by HR and my boss told me not to do it again and keep them private.

I was actually shocked when I was spoken to about it. What’s going to happen if next time your coworker sees other toiletries in your car, like — gasp — toothpaste?

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